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Why Our Family Decided To Build And Live In A Skoolie

The build took 7 months, and thankfully we had support on our venture. Seven months, blood sweat, and tears: We finally had a home to call our own.

Steven Harrell
Steven Harrell

Post by Jeremy Kastle

We grew up in and around the bay area, California; and over the years we realized how crazy expensive housing was getting. The tiny house movement was just coming into its own around 2017 and we started talking about tiny living. A mobile home, a van, and airstream were all in the mix but it was the Skoolie that officially got us fired up. I grew up building homes in Mexico with my family on short term mission trips. That and the hard labor my father instilled in me made it possible for us to build out the School bus on our own. (YouTube and Google were also a big help.) Essentially we decided to move into a School Bus to stay near family and our church.

The build took 7 months, and thankfully we had support on our venture. Seven months, blood sweat, and tears: We finally had a home to call our own. Even crazier we found out Christa was pregnant with our second baby the day after our move-in party.

We lived full time in the Bus for 2 years exactly, that was our goal. We wished we could have taken it on more adventures; but kids and work seemed to always get in the way. It changed our life forever, we are closer as a family, we know how to work together, and how to adventure together as well.

Our time in the Skoolie was spent mostly in San Martin, CA. on our friends property, they had the space and we loved being central to what we hold dear.

Why are we selling: Well, there are a few reasons. I think everything has its season; a time for adventure, and a time to buckle down and fight for a career. My job is in software, I guess I can be called a "desk Jockey" now. I ran out of space for an office and we are needing to move up in job opportunity.

Another reason was our landlords needed the spot back and we realized how insane it was to park anywhere in our area. $900 min for an RV park, and that's cheap.

We do want to travel, but I think it will be internationally. We have good friends all over the Globe who are missionaries supported by our church, we want to visit them and sadly the bus can't come overseas.

Our hope for the bus is that a good couple (or family) would be able to use it for full time living, or as a way to get around the country with a home attached. With the Skoolie market up, we are willing to negotiate on price. I personally care more about the buyer than the money.

Jeremey and his family's bus is for sale here.

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Steven Harrell

Steven is the CEO of Tiny House Listings and has been involved with The Tiny House movement for over a decade.