Is The Tiny House Movement Gaining Steam?

The pandemic has increased not only the housing market - but also the tiny house market!

Is The Tiny House Movement Gaining Steam?

The short answer is YES!

The pandemic has increased not only the housing market - but also the tiny house market!

Due to the pandemic, many found themselves working from home and reanalyzing their high-priced downtown apartments. The freedom to not have to go into an office opened up the potential to live... anywhere you want!

The pandemic itself has made many reanalyze life and even their purpose, giving people the urge to adventure and explore beyond the usual day to day, or to achieve new goals like home ownership.

As the housing market exploded, the dream of owning a home became more distant for some, but thanks to the tiny house movement, affordable housing is a possibility.

The tiny house movement allows for the lifestyle changes like freedom to move around, freedom of too many possessions, and achieving the goal of having a place to call your own. This less is more mentality allows for people to enjoy the little things in life more.

The tiny house movement encourages more time and money for family, friends, and passion. People learn to appreciate what they have. Instead of lusting for bigger and more, you learn to prioritize necessity and needs. Small lifestyle changes like eliminating the desire for more will change perspective and allow you to appreciate the small daily moments like enjoying a cup of coffee.

The tiny house movement has grown in popularity thanks to television shows like Tiny House Nation, but there are also festivals and events surrounding the community. Tiny house fanatics, builders, and those curious have gathered at several big festivals this summer ranging from Atlanta to Colorado to Seattle!

Tiny house builders come show off their handcrafted creations and those curious can come explore what it would be like to live in 300 square feet. From full time van lifers to custom builders, these gatherings have been a platform allowing people to spread the love of the tiny community - which leaves us at our last point.

The tiny house community is a strong and welcoming community of all types of people with the love of life in common. Tiny house lovers are often sustainable, conscientious, and adventurous people. They are often creative types who love to share their build ideas, secrets of nomadic living, and encouraging to others to follow their tiny dreams.

If you are curious yourself about diving into the tiny movement, there is a vast community of tiny dwellers out there for support!