When You Know It's Time To Go Tiny

When You Know It's Time To Go Tiny

Going tiny can feel like a huge life choice, as is purchasing any home is. As you do your research and analyze your financials, you must weigh your pros and cons. Sometimes a literal ‘pros and cons list’ really help you organize your thoughts. It helps you look at the bigger picture and consider all sides to a situation. When your pros outweigh your cons, that is when you know it is time to go tiny.

Here are our pros to consider:

Tiny homes are more affordable than a traditional home

If you are in any debt, going tiny can be an awesome and outside-the-box way to overcome that debt. By going tiny, you are reducing your monthly bills, and you are reducing space for unnecessary items you don’t need. Simply put, you will live a less lavish lifestyle, with more money for experiences. Instead of worrying about buying fancy new furniture, you are getting creative and really considering how everything has a place in your home.

Tiny living allows for more adventure

Rather than spending your Saturday doing yard work or cleaning out gutters, you can go explore a new city or new trail. Tiny homes are less maintenance than a regular home, which ultimately means more time for adventures.

Tiny homes are more sustainable

Instead of wasting money on heating a mansion that you don’t need, you are using only the resources you need. Tiny homes can have water recycle systems. They are also usually built with energy-saving features and appliances. Tiny living often uses solar energy and many are even fully self-sustaining. By lessening your carbon footprint, you are making an impact on our planet for the better.

Tiny homes can be relocated

One of our favorite features of going tiny is that tiny homes do not have to be permanent structures. You can finally embrace the nomadic lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of. If you only want to live somewhere for a few months, you can easily take your home with you. Nothing has to be permanent, but having your tiny home to sleep in every night can be.

Here is the only con:


The only real con of going tiny is a lack of space, however; with creativity and thought-out design, this can easily be managed to fit your needs. If you need a large closet to fit your wardrobe, then consider that when you are hunting for your tiny home. The other main thing to remember is you may think you need space for all your belongings, but after some time you will realize what you actually need and what you don’t. Purging these unnecessary items can be a relief in the end after all.
As you can see many pros outweigh the cons, but everyone is different and every situation is different. Ultimately once you make these considerations for your own life and feel good about your decision - that is when you know it’s time to go tiny.

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