The Best Tiny House Cell Service (Save $$$)

Welcome back everyone, I’m Steven Harrell, with Tiny House Listings and before we get started, I just want to let you know this is not a product endorsement.

I know it's going to sound like IT, because I'm a big fan of this service that I'm going to be recommending to you, but I just happen to come across it and it's fantastic and it's saving me personally a lot of money - and I know for sure I can save you guys a lot of money as well all. Just a backstory, for years I've been using Verizon and for my cell phone service and I've been okay with it. It's been fine, but the problem is that for me personally, I travel a lot I'm on the road a lot and, of course I have an online business, which is tiny house listings.

So it requires that, while I'm on the go that I'm able to have lots and lots of lots of data, massive amounts of data in terms of downloading YouTube videos uploading YouTube videos, all these things working remote. You know with my team and all these things.

So I'm eating through a lot of information, so the hot spot on this phone is something that I use daily and I use an absorbent amount of data and I realize a lot of you guys watching, that might not be the case, but that's okay, too. The reason that I'm going to plug this service - because I know for sure that it can save you a lot of money and it's just fantastic, because we all have cell phone service. Even if you don't use a lot of data, this can actually save you a lot of money.

I got this little platform I just made for my daughter, we're homeschooling now well doing the whole corona thing, and now she has a place to sit up there and do her work on nice days, come down and swing when she's done. Even got a little pulley up there, which she took down for now, that we can bring her put her some lemonade up there. All scrap wood and in case you're wondering this - is my off-roading amazing, 4x8 camper by a company called Runaway and I've been working them for a number of years. So I'll tell you guys about this thing, in upcoming video, but the name of the service is Visible.

I really really like them. They offer cell phone service and a lot of people wonder the first thing they'd wonder about is like I've never heard of Visible, and neither had I until just a few days ago and the great thing about them is: they use the Verizon 4g lte network, which is the best coverage in the United States. I don't know about elsewhere, like Canada and stuff, I know for sure in the United States, Verizon is the number one most you know coverage network there is.. And so they use, Verizon and Verizon has been doing this for a little while now they do it with another company called Spectrum. Where they're leasing out their entire network to other service providers and other service providers have to do things like support for their customers and things like that, but they allow access to their network for people that can figure out how to offer their service for much cheaper and that's exactly what Visible's done.

There's no brick and mortar stores to go into there's, not even a phone number, but you have access 24/7 to a live support agent on the website or through the app, the Visible app. But just before we even go any farther. I don't want to make this be some long drawn out video, but I was paying $145 a month for my cell phone service with Verizon and now with Visible for the exact same thing and actually more, and I'll get that in just a second. It's 40 a month.

I'm going to tell you guys a way here in a second to have all that for just $25 a month. But anyways I'll start off with the biggest stuff and then get into the nitty gritty, if you're kind of nerding out. But the way it works, is you go on their website and activate an account with them and give them your number? And all these things and the very next day they send you one of these in the mail. It's just a little card with the information, the link you go to and it has the sim card in there which I've already taken out, and you just take out the sim card from your phone and plop in the new one.

And I already had a phone with Verizon, I had to pay it off before I was able to switch, but if you already have a phone you can bring that on. There's no problem, they'll, send you the correct sim chip to go into your phone, but they also offer phones on their website some for like $17. I don't know if they're the best or not the only phone I've been using for the last 13 years are iPhones. So that's all I can speak for, but I know there's a lot of droid users out there and other smartphone users as well, but I use the iPhone and I put in the sim chip, no problem whatsoever, but the whole entire thing was flawless.

They sent me a sim card, the very next day after I signed up for an account with them. So it came up, came the next day and Verizon, my Verizon account got shut down so automatically.

Just by switching over to these people, I saved over a hundred dollars a month. I know a lot of you probably aren't paying that much currently, but I'm pretty sure with what you get.

You'll save more money, and the good thing about these guys is with Verizon going back to what I was talking about before uh has a hot spot, a cap of 15 gigs per month, even on the unlimited plan.

With these guys, there is no limit whatsoever hot spot, so there's a lot of people who are moving to Visible, who cancel their home phone, their home internet. If it's like, whoever it is in your area and they're just using Visible, so they can connect their TVs or their computers whatever to their phone unlimited amount of hotspot, and that's the only one that I could find that's budget friendly, there's some other ones out there that are hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month that offer unlimited but Visible, actually offers unlimited hot spots.

You could, theoretically not only save the money from switching to these guys of your cell phone, but you could theoretically cancel your home internet and another good thing when I'm out here in my property again, I'm still using data like crazy, but I'm off grid and I'm Super remote, so I couple this with a wii boost cell phone extender.

So by the time I have, I'm out here really fast internet plus I have the extender. I have super fast internet for my phone for everything I connect it to so. The reason I'm sharing the service with you is because I know tiny house living is all about saving money and anything you can do to add dollar bills in your pocket. I think that's a fantastic thing and I'm 100% confident that you'll save money by switching over to these guys $40 a month, and that includes taxes, fees all those things it's forty dollars is flat.

You could hook it up to your PayPal, account to your credit card or whatever, and it's just exactly $40. Now, but they also, I feel like a salesperson here, but it's true because I'm really happy with the service so far. They offer another plan called the Party plan and what that is, if you crank up a party on their website and yourself and two other people sign up under that party, your service goes down to $25 per month. That's unlimited everything hotspot! All of that, so I really really like it.

If you ever need access to support, you go to the website, send them an email or do a live chat or you can do live chat right through the Visible app and that Visible app is also how you activate your cell service. Now the one throttle that they have is, if you're on a droid, you can only connect one device at a time. But if there's two people in your house, you obviously can connect two devices, there's another option where you can do a hub which that hub connects to your phone. I know this is kind of nerdy. You connect the hub to your hotspot device, which is your droid your iPhone, and then everything else can connect to that hub which connects to your phone.

In other words, you can do that, but if you're on an iPhone, with Visible Iphones, don't allow you to limit the number. So you don't even need that 10 devices connect to your iPhone at the same time, no problem. Sorry for the mess as a construction zone, but yeah. This is the camper that I featured in the last video seven by eight and the goal is to make it so it can be towed by any SUV, even small SUV, and then some cars have a v6 engine. The entire thing is insulated: with a rigid foam, as you can see, the framing is vertical, not horizontal, which very minimal, framing and I'll tell you guys more about that in an upcoming video.

We do the whole tour. Give you more information, so I just cranked up a party myself and I'm still in the $40 month plan, but I will put a link down in the description. If you want to join my partying with all three, whoever it happens to be the first other two people that hop on will get $25 per month, so that'll be cool, unlimited everything.

So, just to give you an idea, I'm out here in the woods far away from you know a really good, close cell phone service, and you can see right there doing almost 14 megabits per second which, if you're you know nerdy or whatever you can know that that's more than enough to download movies if you're a gamer or anything like that. I personally don't engage in that kind of stuff myself, but that might be a little slow but even the download is 17 megabits per second plenty plenty and if you connect to a device with this, it's roughly the same. So it's fantastic service.

I know there's a lot of van life dwellers, so if they don't know about this or people who are remote, you know and they and they work remote and when they find out about this I think they'll be very happy and if you're someone who's cost conscious and not, just to be honest, I've been getting tired of Verizon. I had been spending a ton of money with them couldn't get anyone on the phone.

So I'm thinking, if I can get anyone on the phone with them, I might as well switch over to someone where at least have live chat all the time in terms of support, and I haven't needed any support again. I plopped in the sim card and boom I was ready to go. So I'm just excited about this cell phone is basically you know. Cell phones are part of our live data bandwidth. All these things. It's just. You know the current period that we live in, but I want to share that with you. and again click in the link down in the description and that'll help you join my party, if not, if there's already more than three by the time you watch this that's fine too just go to and I hope you enjoy this little tip just one more way you can save money and keep it in your pocket and thanks for watching and we'll see on the next video.