Tiny House, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Tiny House, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Say goodbye to those 30-year loans and hello to affordable housing. Affordable housing is nearly impossible to come by, which is why the tiny house industry has been booming. These modest homes are often maintained without a mortgage, making the debt-free dream a reality. Tiny Homes are so reasonably priced, that you may even be able to buy one for your loved ones too. Gifting someone a tiny home is the gift that keeps on giving.

An affordable tiny house for sale in Romney, West Virginia

Buying someone a house may seem like an out-there gift, but in actuality, Tiny Homes are cheaper than college tuition, condos and even RVs. Plus if you buy someone the build-it-yourself option, they will get the valuable skills and satisfaction of building their own house by hand.

Tiny Home prices range start at $25,000 and up, with the median range $30,000 to $60,000 and can be priced even higher. These often portable homes are continually growing in popularity, with featured shows on HGTV and trending hashtags #TinyHome. The minimalist, nomadic lifestyle can finally be obtained, all while still having a home.

This holiday season is predicted to be a tough one with COVID and unemployment numbers continuously surging. Buying someone their own tiny home is giving them one necessity that we as humans all need: a roof over our heads. During these unforeseen times, the gift of a stable home is greater than anything.

Even if you can't afford to outright buy the whole home, helping with a downpayment and then exploring financing is an option that can make someone's dream of home ownership come true.

Owning and living in a tiny house allows you to save money you would otherwise pay for rent or mortgage.

Many people don’t want to commit to a long-term fixed loan to buy a house because the housing marketing is unpredictable and they are unsure of where they want to be in five years, let alone next year. That is the beauty of a tiny home built on wheels. They can be easily relocated to a new city, so taking a new job in another state doesn’t mean leaving home behind. A tiny home can be customized to fit individual needs, often with custom closets, creative storage space, and multi-use furniture.

As we get older, figuring out what to gift adult relatives can be tricky because we often think, “what do they need?” and then end up opting for something like new socks or a picture frame. But at the end of the day, these are all material things that they could have lived without.

Buying someone a home is one of the greatest gifts of a lifetime. They will cherish it and make it theirs, and you will feel satisfied knowing you gave them something that they will appreciate for life. If you have the means and you are struggling on gift ideas, consider giving the best present ever - a place to call their own.