The Top 5 Reasons People Sell Their Tiny House

The Top 5 Reasons People Sell Their Tiny House

Welcome back everyone. I'm Steven here with Tiny House Listings. Today I wanted to go over the top five reasons people sell their tiny houses. We've looked over the years on comments, on different social media platforms that Tiny House Listings is on. The question keeps popping up. Why are people selling their houses? Isn't the goal to live in a tiny house and enjoy the benefits from living in a tiny house for the long haul? I thought it would be beneficial to go over the top five reasons why people sell their tiny houses, so you can perhaps plan for the future.

When you're making a purchase for your tiny house, you make a wise decision that allow you to continue living in a tiny house for the long haul. A lot of times when people sell their tiny house, it's not always what it seems. It's not because they're selling a tiny house because it didn't work out for them. Here we go. The top five reasons people sell their tiny houses.

Reason #1 - Family is Getting Larger
The first of the top five reasons people sell their tiny houses, is there a family is expanding. More times than not, a lot of people purchase a tiny house when they're single or when they're just a couple with no children. If you're single and you decided to take on a partner that you live with there's a good chance your tiny house will be able to accommodate that. Most tiny houses can fit two people, whether it's just a loft and no downstairs sleeping. The bed normally is a queen size or larger because the lofts tend to be the same width of the tiny house. There's plenty of sleeping room.

But if you decide you have some young ones on the way, and the size of your family increases, whether that's one kid or two kids, you may find out that the tiny house that you're living in will not accommodate you all. It may not be practical. Now that's not to say that there's people not living in a tiny house with their families. There are tons and tons of families living in tiny houses. The reason that is, because they have a tiny house that works well for the family for family life. But if you have a tiny house that has, let's say just one loft, not two lofts or no downstairs sleeping or whatever, it's going to be tough to have young children in the home if they don't have their own space to sleep in and things like that.

That's why I said earlier in the video that you may want to plan ahead when you're purchasing a tiny house, if you think you may be one of those people who are going to be increasing the size of your family. That's the first of the top five reasons that people sell their tiny house, their family is getting larger and the tiny house will no longer accommodate them.

Reason #2 - Can't Take Their Tiny House With Them
FYI, this list is not in any particular order. It's just the top five reasons people sell their tiny house. But the second reason that people sell their tiny houses, is that they can't take it with them. They own a tiny house now they've done the hard work of getting into a place where they can actually live legally. Whether it's in someone's backyard, a tiny house community, they purchased the land. However that looks like, and they can't take it with them, they're moving for whatever reason. It could be that they got married and they have to go live to where spouse lived. They could be in the military and getting stationed at a different area.

It could be that they have a new job. It could be that they were in the city and now they have to go to the city where there's no place to park a tiny house, various reasons. There's lots of them. But the second reason is that they can't take their tiny house with them. It's no longer conducive to where they're going to move.

Reason #3 - Moving Into A Different House
The third reason that people sell their tiny houses, because they're actually moving on to another tiny house. It's not that they don't love tiny houses. It's just the one that they have now is not working for them. For whatever reason. I've seen a lot of people that love tiny houses, but they found that the one they purchased is not mobile enough. They want to hit the road and purchase a van.

They decided to sell their house and move on to a van or vice versa. They live in something very mobile, a bus, van or something like that. They want to have something with more room and set down like more permanent routes, whether it's in a tiny house community or whatever. But I've seen this very often where people, the tiny house, they have, they like it, but they decided that it's not currently working out for whatever reason it is. They want to sell that tiny house so they can purchase or build another tiny house.

Reason #4 - Built The Tiny House To Sell
The fourth reason that people sell a tiny house is because it's not even actually theirs in the first place. What I mean by that, let me explain is that they built the tiny house with the sole intent of selling it, of selling the tiny house before you can move it. There's a lot of reasons for that. Many reasons. You have tiny house builders that buy and sell tiny houses for people all the time for a living. You have people that are maybe just tried it out once just to see, to get their feet wet. They need to sell it. There are lots of tons actually of high school programs and university programs that offer shop class, and they will sell the tiny house.

They'll build it for people to get construction, experience, carpentry, experience, plumbing, electrical, and all that. Then they will go off and sell it a lot of times on tiny house listings. That's the entire reason they're selling it. It was never meant to be lived in, in the first place. I've seen a lot of situations where there's organizations who build a tiny house to sell it just for the exclusive reason of raising money for a nonprofit or for some cause. That's the fourth reason people are selling the tiny house, but because it was built to be sold.

Reason #5 - Tiny House Living Wasn't A Fit For Them
The fifth and not final reason, actually there's a bonus one after this. But the fifth reason that people sell their tiny house is because unfortunately, tiny house living just did not work out for them, which is the most unfortunate reason. But a lot of times I'll say that the reason that I can see from a distance, you know, because a lot of these tiny houses that people sell in tiny house listings, we don't get to actually go towards. But just from pictures and speaking with people and getting a better understanding why they're selling their tiny house is that they never really downsized correctly.

They never shifted their focus or the way they're living currently, when they moved into a tiny house. They just downsized. Took all their stuff with them. That's not going to work when you're in a tiny house. When you decide to move to a tiny house, you've got to make some serious decisions in terms of what you're keeping, what you're not keeping. If you're living in a tiny house, that's pack full of stuff and you're tripping over it, can't find out what's where there's not enough room. It's just not going to work out for you because it's just too stressful. That defeats the entire purpose of living in a tiny house. I could get into this on a much broader level, actually a much deeper level and an entirely separate video.

But when you move into a tiny house, you're going to have to shift your focus. I think a lot of times it's good to go on Airbnb or somewhere and rent a tiny house for as long as you can, in terms of getting off work and be able to afford what's available on all those and stay in it for a while. Just decide like, hey, is this something I think that will work for me because you're going to have to take that plunge. It's going to be a major shift, a major shift in the way life is from day to day. That's the main reason I think that a lot of people don't live in tiny houses.

Another reason that tiny house living doesn't work out for them full term - there's lots of other reasons - but one of them could be they're worried about what their parents think or their friends saying. The feedback they get. People think they're crazy, all of these things, that's another reason, but that's the fifth reason that people decide to sell their tiny houses because it just didn't work out for them.

Reason #6 (Bonus Reason) - Built For Temporary Purposes
The bonus reason, the sixth reason why people decide to sell their tiny houses because when they purchase it, it was never meant to be lived in for the long-term anyway. The most frequent thing I see when it comes to this reason, is that a lot of people purchase a tiny house live in it while they're having a much larger or a traditional home built. They want to be there onsite. They're building the house themselves, want to save money and then resell that house later on. A lot of times what they paid for it, sometimes even more. Depending on where the house is.

Another sub reason within this reason is that people purchase a tiny house with the reason to temporarily rent it out to people or, their mother-in-law is sick. For whatever reason, perhaps she passes or he, or she or whatever, they have to sell the tiny house. Cause it was, again, it was purchased with the intent of being very temporary, not meant for the long haul.

All those are the main reasons that people sell their tiny houses. The main reason I want to shoot this video is to dispel some of the myths that I've seen out there. A lot of people were saying, hey, so many people are selling their tiny houses. Why is this is? Is it tiny house living, not living up to the hype that it is? But I mean, there are some situations where tiny houses do not work out for people, but for the most part there's various, well, there are various reasons.

You may ask, how do you know all this? How do you know why people are selling their tiny houses? Well, we have sold tiny house listings over the years, over 10,000 tiny houses have been sold through our website and our service. That's how we know. We have a lot of data. We query people, try to understand, get a better idea. That's how we know. But if you have a tiny house and you want to sell it, go to and click post a listing. That way you'll be able to say your tiny house.

We also have an entire team that sells tiny houses directly for people. If you want to purchase a tiny house, go to That way, once someone from our team will give you a call, we'll do a quick five-minute consultation, figure out where you are, where you want and help you get to where you want to be in terms of finding a place to park your tiny house, financing and negotiating a price for you, answering all your most burning tiny house questions. Hope you enjoyed the video. I'd love to know down below. Why would you live in a tiny house? Can you see some pitfalls? What would your tiny house look like? Just give me your thoughts. Leave it down in the comments below. Thanks for watching. See you in the next video.