3 Tips To Consider To Avoid Some Of The Difficult Parts Of Tiny Living

3 Tips To Consider To Avoid Some Of The Difficult Parts Of Tiny Living

Tiny house living can have its downsides, just as homeownership can in general. Some of the annoyances you may face as a tiny house owner may be slightly different than the average homeowner, but the perks of portability and less space to clean can honestly outweigh the cons. Today, we wanted to share some tips to overcome some of the difficult parts of tiny living.

Be mindful of bed placement

It is very common for tiny homes to be designed with the master bedroom as a loft; however, this is not the most convenient option for everyone. If the person living in the tiny home is elder or has any disabilities, a loft bed is not ideal because they often require stairs or makeshift ladders to climb up to. It would also not be ideal for a pregnant woman with an active bladder who would have to crawl down for th restroom throughout the night. Also if a person is tall, a loft bed may feel claustrophobic or they could hit their head often. With this in mind, choose bed placement wisely because a comfortable sleeping situation is the number one most important thing for anyone buying a home. There are many layouts that offer the master bedroom on the main level and loft space can always be utilized for storage.

Consider your kitchen essentials before move-in

In a tiny house, the appliances are sometimes smaller sized and maybe not ideal for someone who loves to cook at home often. This is not always true, and there are many tiny homes that boast full-size appliances, but keep in mind that this takes up storage space. Before buying a tiny home, consider what is most important in your kitchen, and design a build or find a design that fits that. There are unique options such as refrigerators that fit under the countertops for more prep space, or options with full-size ovens and kitchen hoods for those active in the kitchen. If you are more of a reheat it person, look for a space for your microwave. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so make sure you analyze your needs beforehand.

Find a place to park your tiny home before purchasing

Before buying a tiny home, you may think wow this is great I can go anywhere with my house. That is half true. You can take your home with you on any move cross country; however, find a place to park your tiny home longterm can be more difficult than you'd imagine. You want to make sure you have a reliable place to park your tiny home before purchasing so that you don't end up stuck without anywhere to go. There are a lot of great options for tiny house dwellers, and there are entire networks of communities to support. First and foremost, always check with your local zoning rules beforehand. There are unfortunately some counties that do not allow tiny homes at all. This may seem like a stupid rule, until they come and evict you from your own home. Luckily though, there are many great resources for those in search of a place to park. There are even some communities that have hook-ups for your sewage, power, and water sources. Always do your research beforehand and reach out to the vast online community of other tiny house lovers for support.

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