Living Tiny Helped Solve My Frequent Moving Dilemma

Living Tiny Helped Solve My Frequent Moving Dilemma

By Amber Rummel

Almost 6 years ago I decided to join the military to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Quickly I realized moving around was a large part of “military life”. However, scheduling my household goods to be moved resulting in living without my household items for a month or more at a time. This quickly became very frustrating after the first two moves. Also with my high tempo job, I found myself moving every 9 months. With every move I paired down my items, only to realize I didn’t need much to “live”. This is when I began looking into tiny dwellings.

After all my research, I decided a Tiny House on Wheels would fit my needs best. This tiny house meant I would never have to live without my items nor try to find a home with every move, my home would always be with me! After my first deployment and many sketches, I came up with the best design layout that fit my needs. I didn’t want a loft since my dog wouldn’t be able to move freely among the design. I also wanted all the heavy appliances as close to the hitch as possible to make towing as comfortable as possible. After selecting my builder and many emails, phone calls, and redesigns we were ready to build the tiny house of my dreams.

After living in the tiny for almost a year, I have had an amazing career opportunity come my way. I will get the chance to live overseas for three years, possible more. Instead of renting out my tiny, I would prefer to sell my Tiny; especially since I don’t know when my overseas assignment may end.  In hopes another family could enjoy or embark on their own Tiny house journey.

My tiny comes as a blank slate for most. The living room is empty and has endless possibilities. Also the deck is build into the frame, therefore anyone could add a loft extending over the porch for a growing family. I choose to leave the loft out since I would be the only one living in the Tiny. This tiny truly has many unique features! After all not many Tiny Homes come with their own wine refrigerator.

More info regarding Amber's tiny house can be found here.