5 TV Shows For Your Tiny House Obsession

Tiny homes have become a sought-after lifestyle that may seem crazy at first, but after indulging in the cool builds and prospective use of space, will have you reconsidering your lifestyle. The tiny house movement promotes a sustainable life with a focus on living little but doing more. Most tiny house dwellers enjoy an active lifestyle not focused on belongings, but instead experiences. If you are as obsessed with tiny living, then these 5 shows will be perfect for your next TV binge session.

Tiny House World

Tiny House World features prospective buyers look at 3 options for tiny houses in unique locations around the world like Dublin, Brisbane, Paris, and Sydney. This series features a lot of international tiny house hunts allowing a glimpse into the tiny house craze across the globe. They discuss the buyer’s reasons for going tiny and give a full spectrum of emotions along the way. It showcases the buyer’s reactions and gives those intrigued by tiny living a glimpse into the multitude of tiny house options - from tree houses to shipping containers.  

Tiny House Hunters

This series takes the popular HGTV series House Hunters and goes Tiny. There are a variety of shapes and sizes. It features boat homes, custom-built tiny homes, and even small apartments that classify as tiny. Some of the goals of the buyers are debt-free living, travel capabilities, and the desire to live off-grid. This series features unique builds, discusses storage secrets, and even gives the real compromises to consider when going tiny.

Tiny House Nation

This show features 2 hosts who go around the US designing and remodeling tiny homes for clients. Their ingenuity shines when curating the perfect small spaces. They get creative with space and show out-of-the-box thinking for design. From a train caboose to ready-to-move trailers, this show features a variety of budgets and situations giving a full experience for tiny house potential.

Tiny Paradise

Tiny Paradise features couples who go through their journey of building a custom tiny home. Some couples are constructing the homes themselves, and some have hired contractors. From the mountains in Colorado to a tropical retreat in Hawaii, this show features a variety of styles, locations, and budgets. It gives insight into sustainability tips and potential problems that arise with the build process. For anyone considering building or designing their own tiny home, this show gives a lot of ideas for storage, opinions on materials, and design perspectives.

Tiny Luxury

Tiny Luxury features a couple, Tyson and Michelle Spiess, who runs a luxury tiny house company. Together, they design and build custom tiny homes for a variety of clients with a range of needs. Each episode dives into the details of creating luxury dream tiny homes. They prove that it is possible to fit your entire wish list into spaces under 500 square feet. This show features architecture like never before and makes tiny living as luxurious as you want it to be.

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