100% Debt-Free In Her 14' Tiny House

Having been interested in tiny houses for over a decade and saving her money for years, Shana now lives debt-free new tiny house.

100% Debt-Free In Her 14' Tiny House

Around a decade ago, Shana became interested in the concept of living in a tiny house. She had always lived very simply in rentals and flats. She even lived in a 200 square feet micro studio in Austria where she taught children.

The moved to Austria to earn more money so that she could quickly move towards her dream of owning her own tiny house. She saved her money while simulataneouly living extremely simple and saving every penny she could.

Having lived in Austria for a year and getting closer to her goal of buying a tiny house, she thought it would be a good idea to reach out to Tiny House Listings to check for employment opportunities. After a few round of interviewing, Shana was part of the team!

Fast foward a year later. Shana now lives in her custom 14' tiny house in Durango, Colorado. She is completely debt-free. This is because she set a plan into place and steadily worked on it until it was achieved.

Here is a quick tour of Shana's tiny house! Congrats Shana on the life you have made for yourself!